5 Things I Never Learned In Music School

The New Music Conflagration, Inc.

By: Elizabeth A. Baker

Pursing a degree or any form of higher education focused on music is a stressful, rewarding, wonderful, horrible, exhilarating experience, which will test your fortitude and love of the art. I encountered many sides of the music education world while studying classical guitar performance, music production, and ultimately piano performance. I learned a lot about my art from music history to principles of audio mixing to 16th century counterpoint and the proper way to play a Baroque mordent. There was however, a giant hole, a growing black void that I did not fully come to terms with until I completely stepped away from the academic atmosphere.

If only somebody had given me a magical crystal ball while I was studying so I didn’t have to spend years working through many of these lessons the hard way.

  1. Setting your own deadlines and sticking to them.


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