The Resonant Life

The Resonant Life is a methodology created by Elizabeth A. Baker, that breaks down key aspects of life and relates them to the fundamental parts of sound. Through mirroring the sculpture of ADSR (Attack. Decay. Sustain. Release.) in an analogue synthesiser environment, Elizabeth has created an overall technique of personalised growth for others in all sectors of their life.

The Resonant Life: Attack. Decay. Sustain. Release.
Like a Phoenix that is constantly reborn, Elizabeth A. Baker presents a motivational book, drawing lessons and stories from her life as a professional musician. Each story in this a deep, profound, gripping, and light-hearted text, is paired with guided self-reflection questions which inspire the reader to evaluate various aspects of their own lives in pursuit of a more conscious meaningful and purpose driven life.
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January 25, 2019 – Working Women of Tampa Bay (Saint Petersburg, FL)

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