Compositions & Arrangements

Petite Works
Restless Thoughts of an Insomniac, Full Orchestra (2005-2007)
Foldout Franz (Arranged for Electronic Orchestra), Electronic Orchestra (Fall 2010)
Coventry Carol, Arranged for Guitar (October 2008)
Fum Fum Fum, Arranged for Guitar (October 2008)
Duo for Bassoon & Cello No. 1 (Fragment), Bassoon & Cello (Fall 2008)
Duo for Bassoon & Cello No. 2, Bassoon & Cello (August 2008)
G minor Figures for Guitar, Guitar (June 2008)
Impressions of Russia (Fragment), Guitar & Piano (January 2009)
Compositions for Electronic Arts Ensemble (Spring 2011 – Fall 2012)
Compositions for Hip-Hop Ensemble (May 2012 – October 2012)

Works Without Opus Number
WoO 1, Pantonal Poetry, Solo Piano (2007-2010)
WoO 2, e81-e294-5001, Solo Piano/Five Synthesizers (April 2010)
WoO 3, PeRcEpTiOnS, Solo Piano (May 2010)
WoO 4, Foldout Franz, Solo Piano/Four Synthesizers (June 2010)
WoO 5, La Sonrisa de mi Amante es Como el Sol, Solo Piano (November 2010)
WoO 6, Sonata No. 1, Solo Piano (November 2010)
WoO 7, String Quartet No. 1 (Fragment), String Quartet (Summer 2009)
WoO 8, Bach On the Beach, String Quartet (Fall 2010, Rev. 2016)
WoO 9, String Sextet No. 1 (Fragment), String Sextet (Fall 2010)
WoO 10, String Quartet No. 2 (Fragment), String Quartet (Fall 2010)

Suitcases of Sound
SoS 1, Sunset Dreams, Electronics & Voice (February 2010)
SoS 2, Revelations And Snow (10-track Album), Electronics & Voice (April 2010)
SoS 3, Firewater, Glass Bottles & Electronics (June 2010)
SoS 4, A Shot In The Dark (7-track Album), Electronics (June 2010)
SoS 5, It’s Science: The Thermogenesis of Friendship (10-track Album) (October 2010)
SoS 6, Heart Drops, Electronics & Voice (October 2011)
SoS 7, Soft Light, Electronics & Voice with Optional Live Drums (October 2011)
SoS 8, The Fall, Electronics & Voice (December 2011)
SoS 9, Tell You, Electronics & Voice (March 2012)
SoS 10, {BAGGAGE CLAIM}, Electronics, Guitar, Voice (August 2014-2015)

Interdisciplinary Works/Performance Art/Installations
exciting elemental energies and ancestral alignments – Oregon Fringe Festival – Ashland, OR (2019)
meditations within the realm of elder energies – Oregon Fringe Festival – Ashland, OR (2019)
The Dialogue Beyond Fragility – MISE-EN_PLACE – Brooklyn, NY (2019)
inter_fear@nce.silence_subvert110818 – The Gallery at Creative Pinellas – Largo, FL (2018)
The Modern Soapbox – Museum of Fine Arts St. Pete – Saint Petersburg, FL (2018)
A Sonic Memory Quilt – The Carter Woodson African American History Museum – Saint Petersburg, FL (2015)

Commissioned Works for Dance
“com(e)pl(a)y” (2018)
Choreographers: Keith Haynes and Vivian Kim

UNIFIED #GenderEquality (2017)
for United Nations Association – Tampa Bay Chapter
Music: Elizabeth A. Baker
Choreography: Helen Hansen French
Dancers: Helen Hansen French, Paula Kramer, Kellie Harmon, Crystal DelGiudice, Elizabeth A. Baker

Before the Demolition (2017)
Based on a Soundstitiching by Cassia Kite
Music: Elizabeth A. Baker
Choreography: Kellie Harmon
Dancers: Helen Hansen French & Kellie Harmon

Excerpt (2017)
Music: Elizabeth A. Baker & Cindy Giron
Choreography: Kellie Harmon
Dancers: RogueDance Company (Saint Petersburg, FL)

The Motherhood Project: A Film by Helen Hansen French (2016)
Choreography/Direction: Helen Hansen French
Dancers: Helen Hansen French & Charlotte Johnson

look/see {the view from here} (2016)
Choreography/Direction: Helen Hansen French
Dancers: Helen Hansen French & Charlotte Johnson

Trapped: A Solo from The Motherhood Project (2016)
Choreography: Helen Hansen French
Dancer: Helen Hansen French

Collaborative Mixed Media Movement Works
Digital Stockholm Syndrome (2017)
(live coding, interactive electronics, movement)
Music: Elizabeth A. Baker & Erich Barganier
Choreography: Kellie Harmon (Trio Version) & Elizabeth A. Baker (Duo Version)

If/Then (2017)
(fixed media, prepared piano, live electronics, synthesizer, interactive media, movement)
Music: Elizabeth A. Baker
Choreography: Helen Hansen French
Dancers: Helen Hansen French & Elizabeth A. Baker

Two Grievances (2016)
   I. For what could have been…
   II. For what may be…
(fixed media, live electronics, toy piano, piano, Indian harmonium, movement)
Music by: Elizabeth A. Baker
Text: Maureen McDole & Elizabeth A. Baker
Spoken Word: Erica Sutherlin & Latoya McCormick
Choreography by: Helen Hansen French & Elizabeth A. Baker

Baker-Hess Duo
The Symphony of Life (2019)
SM 57 Repeat (2019)
Welcome Back & Goodbye (2019)
Illusion (2018)
Delusion (2018)
Apparition (2018)

Baker-Barganier Duo
I’m still having waterbug problems… (2017)
Chain Gang (2017)
My Father How Long (2017)
I Want To Go Home (2017)
Dreams (1991) adapted for Toy Piano & Mandolin (2016)

Works With Opus Number
Opus 1, Un Portrait, Solo Piano (March 2010)
Opus 2, Rain Prelude (Fragment), Solo Piano (March 2010)
Opus 3, Two Settings of the Heart, Solo Piano (April 2010)
Opus 4, Resignation, Solo Piano (April 2010)
Opus 5, Glow, Solo Piano (April 2010)
Opus 6, A Despondent Plea to the Night Sky, Solo Piano (April 2010)
Opus 7, Elegie, Solo Piano (May 2010)
Opus 8, Untitled (Fragment), Solo Piano (Summer 2011)
Opus 9, Un Vals Roto (Fragment), Solo Piano (Summer 2011)
Opus 10, 7 Sketches of My Love, Solo Piano (October 2011 – November 2011)
Opus 11, The Blurred Waltz (Fragment), Solo Piano (December 2011)
Opus 12, Piano Concerto No. 1, Piano, Electronic Ensemble, Amplified Percussion & Spoken Word (January 2012)
Opus 13, Piano Sonata No. 2: Transfigured Night, Piano (February 2012 – May 2012)
Opus 14, Impromptu On A Theme, Jazz Ensemble (February 2012)
Opus 15, Shapes for Percussion Trio, Percussion Trio (June 2012)
Opus 16, 9:13, Solo Voice & Electronics (June 2012)
Opus 17, “Fragments of A Leper’s Heart” Piano Suite No. 1, Solo Piano (June 2012)
Opus 18, Chamber Symphony, Orchestra (August 2012)
Opus 19, From Our History: Songs for Bass-Baritone, Voice & Piano (August 2012)
Opus 20, Three Aspects of Art as an Allegory, Electronics, Voice, Chamber Ensemble (August 2012)
Opus 21, Jazz Suite No. 1, Jazz Trio/Quartet (August 2012)
Opus 22, Cloud Music, Jazz Quartet (September 2012)
Opus 23, World War Circus, Jazz Quartet (November 2012)
Opus 24, Out of Season, Two Pianos, Electronics (November 2012)
Opus 25, Reconciliation, Bass-Baritone, Piano (November 2012)
Opus 26, Evolved Devolution, Radios, Water Bottle, Theremin, Piano, Percussion, Record Players, Narrator, Typewriter, Found Objects (November 2012)
Opus 27, My Sweet Old Etcetera, Bass-Baritone, Piano (December 2012)
Opus 28, The Bells, Bass-Baritone, Men’s Chorus I & II, Bassoon, Cello, Horn in F, Piano, Percussion (December 2012 – January 2013)
Opus 29, Three Compositions for Piano & Electronics, Piano & Live Electronics (February 2013)
Opus 30, Impressions of Ancient Earth, Prepared Piano, Percussion (April 2013)
Opus 31, Petite Etudes, Piano (March 2013)
Opus 32, Bridal Ballad, Women’s Chorus, Bassoon, Trombone, Contrabass, Piano, Vibraphone (July 2013)
Opus 33, Magnetic Resonance, Piano & MRI (July 2013)
Opus 34, Cosmic Dreams, String-Vibraphone Septet (September 2013)
Opus 35, a homecoming, Found Objects & Fixed Media (October 2014)
Opus 36, Abstract No. 1, Solo Piano (October 2014)
Opus 37, The Hand You’re Dealt, Audience & Open Instrumentation (October 2014)
Opus 38, {untitled}, Solo Piano (October 2014)
Opus 39, Boots & Cats, Children’s Choir & African Percussion (October 2015)
Opus 40, The Veil, Piano & Electronics (January 2015)
Opus 41, A Sonic Memory Quilt, Sound Installation with Live Performance (Fall 2015)
Opus 42, Suite for Toy Piano, Electronics, & Drums – No. 1 (Summer/Fall 2015)
Opus 43, Memories from beyond…, Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Electronics (September 2015)
Opus 44, Four Planes, Solo Piano (September 2015)
Opus 45, meditation for water, wind, and metal, Water, Found Objects, Toy Piano, Electronics (November 2016)
Opus 46, Tweed Fantasy: Perpetual Dream, Electric Guitar, Toy Piano, Live Electronics (Spring 2016)
Opus 47, Amorphous Commitments, Toy Piano, Viola, Electronics (April 2016)
Opus 48, Serotonin, Toy Piano, Viola, Electronics (April 2016)
Opus 49, On the Other Side, Toy Piano & Viola (April 2016)
Opus 50, Two Grievances, Toy Piano, Interactive Electronics, Fixed Media, Indian Harmonium, Piano, Dance/Movement, Text (Fall 2016)
Opus 51, Prisoner of Consciousness, Toy Piano, Interactive Electronics, Fixed Media, Indian Harmonium, Dance/Movement, Text (Fall 2016)
Opus 52, Going Steady, Toy Piano, Interactive Electronics, Fixed Media, Indian Harmonium, Dance/Movement (Fall 2016)
Opus 53, EB + EB = (argument invalid), Indian Harmonium, Live Electronics, Percussion (October 2016)
Opus 54, the biggest hug and lies by omission; clear the fog and reveal the black of existential dread…, Electronics (January 2017)
Opus 55, Movement Since 1630, Open Instrumentation, Movement (January 2017)
Opus 56, Apartment 3C, Toy Piano, Upright Bass, Fixed Media, Interactive Electronics (January 2017)
Opus 57, Command Voices – Iteration for Solo Piano & Vibrating Objects (June 2017)
Opus 58, Regression to the Mean, Flute, DiZi, Electronics, Movement (October 2017)
Opus 59, Conflagration, Voice, Cello, Oboe, Percussion, Electronics (January 2018)
Opus 60, Astatine, Open Instrumentation (February 2018)
Opus 61, Virgo Waves, Toy Piano, Electronics (March 2018)
Opus 62, A Cure for Hysteria, Violin Duo, Electronics (March 2018)
Opus 63, @quantumloop_#LOVE, Vocal Quintet, Fixed Media, Live Electronics (August 2018)
Opus 64, Planck Density, Viola, Fixed Media, Live Electronics (October 2018)
Opus 65, How Many A’s In A Single A, Piano, Electronics (January 2019)
Opus 66, ICD-10CM R55, Saxophone, Live Electronics, Movement (January 2019)
Opus 67, The Dialogue Beyond Fragility, Piano, Electronics, Movement (March 2019)
Opus 68, Fracture & Flow, Upright Bass, Electronics, Amplified Water (July 2019)
Opus 69, Surface Studies – Natural Elements, Open Instrumentation (August 2019)
Opus 70, Off-Axis Reflections, Classical Guitar Duo, Electric Guitar, Electronics, Found Objects (September 2019)
Opus 71, Surface Studies – Insta-Meta, Two Performers, Instant Camera, Found Objects, Open Instrumentation (October 2019)
Opus 72, Object Studies – Obsolete Data, One Performer, Found Obsolete Data Objects, Illuminated Manuscript Tools, Electronics, (October 2019)
Opus 73, Meditations on the Edge, String Orchestra, Electronics, Dot Matrix Printer, Theremin (December 2019)
Opus 74, Surface Network, Open Instrumentation (December 2019)
Opus 75, beforeAfter, Speaking Percussionist with Electronics (2019-2020)
Opus 76, collectiveCollaborative, Open Object Instrumentation with Electronics (2020)
Opus 77, stringDefinition, Cello with Electronics (March 2020)
Opus 78, Strange Loops, Trumpet, Coronet, Bass, Voice, Piano, Flutes, Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Spoken Word, Saxophone, Trombone, Electronics (2019-2020)
Opus 79, bioFEEDBACK, Open Instrumentation (2019-2020)
Opus 80, the possibilities before, String Quartet with Subharmonic Accompaniment (Spring 2020)
Opus 81, cognitiveFeedback2020, Trombone, Electronics (2020)
Opus 82, longLatency2020, Wind Band, Electronics (2020)




Compositions for the Contemporary Student Pianist
This anthology features works for the beginning to intermediate student pianist including: 7 Sketches of My Love, Resignation, A Despondent Plea to the Night Sky, Glow, Pantonal Poetry, Elegie, La Sonrisa de Mi Amante es Como el Sol

The Serialist’s Notebook
This anthology features works that with strong roots in serial concepts. Recommended for the intermediate to advanced pianist the collection includes: e81-e294-5001, Pantonal Poetry, and PeRcEpTiOnS.


Toyager: A Toy Piano Method
Toyager: A Toy Piano Method, is the first comprehensive book designed exclusively for toy piano instruction. Beyond the principles of technique and history of toy piano, the book features an introduction to music notation, tactics for effective practicing, as well as strategies for improvisation. Written music theory exercises are paired with solo repertoire and interactive content to enhance the student’s experience of the toy piano.

Musings of a Young Composer
This book is not a collection of poetry. This book is not a collection of essays. This book is selection of musings, or writings to consider, to ruminate upon and perhaps even, to draw questions and conclusions about your own life and psyche. The writings in this book represent the struggle of an artist trying to make sense of the world before them. A world in which, they are less of an active participant and more of an observer. While the works penned in this collection were written by a growing artist in their formative years, there are some universal truths in these pages. It is the hope of the author that all souls who read these pages find comfort within the knowledge that they are not alone in their feelings, and that this might serve as a bright light for those grappling with the balance between the various facets of their being on this plane.

The Resonant Life: Attack. Decay. Sustain. Release. Resonate.
Like a Phoenix that is constantly reborn, Elizabeth A. Baker presents a motivational book, drawing lessons and stories from her life as a professional musician. Each story in this a deep, profound, gripping, and light-hearted text, is paired with guided self-reflection questions which inspire the reader to evaluate various aspects of their own lives in pursuit of a more conscious meaningful and purpose driven existence.

Essays & Articles

Ain’t I A Woman Too
Essay on the current state of inclusion on the subject of diversity in the arts.


Saint Marsha (commissioned by Anthony Green)

Published in Musings of A Young Composer

The Selfish Man
Under Construction
Not Your Type
Tethered by Pages
The Gaslights of Saint Petersburg
…  ..  …  .  …  Running
These Dreams of Mine…
Without Love I Won’t Survive
Artificial Light
Something More Than A Casual Acquaintance
Summer Storms
Everyday Landmarks
Just Because
The Fundamental Question
E Is Always E
The Secret
The Invisible Citadel
Never Settle
Primordial Sunrise
Morningtide Pandemonium
Invention of Time
Abstracted Courtship Dances
Campfires & Descent Into Madness