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Photo by Elizabeth A. Baker

“…Baker’s unorthodox approach toward composition and performance shows her unique perception of the world.” – Jeff Brown, VAN Magazine

“As distinguished as the other composers she interpreted in this performance are, Baker’s own pieces were by far the most provocative. Work like this is a sterling testimonial to her artistry that proves she’s not just an expert in the toy piano field but a pioneer.” – The Orlando Weekly

“…what hooks you and reels you in is her intensity and immense talent on the piano.” – The Weekly Challenger, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Elizabeth A. Baker on falling in love from the point of view of a neurotransmitter, making music from bicycle parts, and the legacy of Nina Simone. – Listening to Ladies (Episode 15)

 “Elizabeth A. Baker, a self-described “New Renaissance Artist” from St. Petersburg, Fla., replaced her combat boots with ballet slippers and stretched on the floor of the Washington Street art center…”

Composers Circle – One Day, One Composer, One Discovery

5 Questions to Elizabeth A. Baker

“…a quite literally electric performance, a loud, stunning blend of synthetic and richly organic sounds that audience members could feel down into their bones!” – TEDxYouthTampaBay 

Elizabeth A. Baker Makes Big Impression With Small Piano

Why is St. Pete composer Elizabeth A. Baker using a vibrator to make music?

“A terrifying [large] dynamic range.” – Anonymous

“Thanks to the efforts of sound maven Elizabeth A. Baker, who’s culmination of influences national and international has bestowed Florida with some quality avant-garde music programming…” – Creative Pinellas

Student composer’s works to be performed by student, faculty musicians

Suitcases of Sound @ TEDxYouthTampaBay2011

“Beautiful… evocative… sensitively managed economy.” – Anonymous

“Ms. Baker’s compositions continue the classical tradition into the current information-rich generation in the way that they are composed from fragments cut and pasted together (this is not a negative comment) in the way that a hip-hop DJ might combine older popular music into a background texture for a rapper – though in this case, of course, a classical-based composition results. John Zorn has done similar. I’m also reminded of some of the “pseudo-minimalism” by Toshi Ichiyanagi, where various fragments emerge and entangle over a quick, jagged loop consisting of only a few notes. All in all, exciting music.” – S. E. Scribner of The SoundScroll

“Elizabeth’s piano book [Compositions for the Contemporary Student Pianist] was an outstanding addition to the course material provided in the classroom. Her pieces were both entertaining and challenging which provided a means to deeply explore the nuances of piano technique and performance. I would highly recommend her pieces for both novice students and intermediate piano performers! – Michael Hummer (Class Piano Student at St. Petersburg College)