Sound, Film, and Movement by The Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker Created with samples of Winterthur, Switzerland whilst in artist residency at Villa Sträuli September/October 2022.
Aggressive Pillow Talk – Underbelly Law (April 2022) Concept, Performance, and Production by The Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker With assistance from Harvard Radcliffe Research Partners – Adrienne Chan, Isabel Haro, Bhargavi Garimella Recorded Live in the Everrett Parking Garage Underneath Harvard Law School Special thanks to The Harvard Radcliffe Institute and well as Woodberry Poetry Room Curators Christina Davis and Mary Graham.
FIELD STUDIES – a playlist of FIELD STUDIES audiovisual works
Elizabeth A. Baker live solo electronics performance at Mutual Irradiation presented by Jim Strong on April 5, 2019 at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA.
The Furies Maiani da Silva and Kate Outterbridge Elizabeth A. Baker’s Cure for Hysteria Original staging by The Furies Show: Cure for Hysteria Equal Sound series Art Share L.A. April 2019 video courtesy of Equal Sound
A 2020 sound film by Nathan Corder & The Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker

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