Modern Fables is Florida-based experimental string and object collaborative performance project between violinist Sarah Morrison and new renaissance artist Elizabeth A. Baker. Drawing inspiration from a variety of extramusical preoccupations including children’s tales, folklore, and the cosmos — Baker and Morrison approach the process of creation with serious respect for the preciousness of sound alongside the openness akin with childish wonder — the result is a refined body of spontaneously composed works alongside conceptual pieces that are accessible to ears of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

A League Betwixt The Wolves and The Sheep is the sonic interpretation of an illustration by Alexander Calder of AESOP’s fable of the same name.

Sarah Morrison (kalimba, violin, viola)
Elizabeth A. Baker (toy piano, electronics)
Recorded in Saint Petersburg, FL by Dark Matter Recording
Photo by Jim Leatherman

Sarah Morrison enjoys creating and performing music as a violinist, violist and children’s educator. She has collaborated with experimental musicians and artists in the Central Florida area including Jim Ivy’s Tangled Bell Ensemble, Obliterati, the Captured Bird Ensemble, Karl Berger’s Improvisers Orchestra, and poet Ashley Inguanta (The Day They Found). Sarah currently performs as a violinist with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra of Lakeland and conducts the Prelude division of the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra. She has taught strings/ orchestra in Oregon, Texas, and Florida and is active as a guest all-county orchestra clinician, adjudicator, and presenter in the Florida Orchestra Association. She believes in waiting for stars at dusk and the inevitable coming of wonders.

Photo by Jim Lennon

Eschewing the collection of traditional titles that describe single elements of her body of work, Elizabeth A. Baker refers to herself as a “New Renaissance Artist” that embraces a constant stream of change and rebirth in practice, which expands into a variety of media, chiefly an exploration of how sonic and spatial worlds can be manipulated to personify a variety of philosophies and principles both tangible as well as intangible. Elizabeth has received recognition from press, scholars, and the public for her conceptual compositions and commitment to inclusive programming. Elizabeth has been awarded numerous fellowships, grants, residencies, and corporate sponsorships.

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